Mr Mopar drag car picture should be here

British rodders and drag racers alike are not spoilt for choice in classic cars to mod. So the venerable and plentiful Ford Pop is often treated like this example here. A classic British car gutted and rebuilt with American muscle V8's. As the name suggests this is carrying one of the Mopar family of engines. If you know which let me know so I can put the info in here.

Obsession camaro drag car picture should be here

Obsession, not just a girly fragrance, drag racing is an obsession, and this Camaro bears the name. It was resplendant in its bright red paint, and looks fast just standing still (don't you just love a cliche?). From the number in the windscreen, looks like this was a Supergasser which meant running as close to 9.90 second quarters as possible. And it looks like this could do it and some.

Street Lethal Mustang Drag car shold be here
The Mustang epitomises American cars for most people here in Blighty, everyone remotely into cars remembers Bullit and although a bit later in the evolution, this Mustang still captures the same spirit. A Street Lethal machine definitely, again drag racing Gasser style (SG6) and probably strip Lethal too, just plain Lethal.



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