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Give the Gardening Gift This Season

(ARA) - Trying to think of the perfect holiday gift for that special someone on your list? Gardening and lawn care accessories make great gift ideas for the holidays, and in the spirit of the season, here are 12 gardening gift ideas to get you started:

1. Spruce up your loved one’s garden with some metal plant markers/identification tags.

2. How about a tasteful vase so your gardeners can bring the fruits of their labors indoors?

3. Decorate the lawn of someone on your list with a beautiful piece of yard art.

4. How about a spring tune-up kit? John Deere offers a maintenance kit that includes two quarts of oil, an oil filter, a new spark plug and a new air filter. If you don’t know what to get, just tell a dealer the model number of your mower or tractor and let them assemble the package.

5. Replace some of those “old favorite” tools that have been around for decades. Maybe a new garden trowel to replace the one with the bent handle. Or how about a pair of sharp pruning shears, or even a new mower blade? (They’ll never guess what that is sitting under the tree).

6. Bring someone’s garden inside this winter with some indoor bulbs.

7. Upgrade with a power tool -- a garden tiller, backpack blower or even a new string trimmer. Hand tools and power equipment improve every year, so for gardeners there’s always something new under the sun.

8. Commemorate a special occasion by purchasing a new tree or shrub that a family could plant and grow together.

9. Surprise your well-equipped gardener with a useful attachment for his/her lawn tractor -- an aerator, dethatcher to remove dead grass, or a utility cart that’s perfect for hauling compost and fertilizer.

10. How about something a little out of the ordinary? Consider a sturdy plastic gasoline can that won’t rust or build up a charge of static electricity.

11. If your lawn care enthusiast truly does have everything, stuff a gift certificate to a local gardening or home improvement store in their stocking.

12. Or give your loved one the ultimate gift -- a new riding lawn tractor! Visit your local dealership or home improvement store for the latest models.

And if none of these ideas is truly a perfect match, visit your local John Deere dealer or home improvement shop -- they will have plenty of ideas to help you find gifts for everyone on your list.

For more information, contact John Deere customer communications at (800) 537-8233.

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