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Chris Towland

The beauty of gardening is known by millions of people all around the world and it seems this hobby is starting to get more and more fans. Its not hard to see why, as gardening has all the necessary attributes that can keep you happy while doing it.

First of all, gardening is full of rewards. Many feel like they are transported back to 6th grade at their biology classes when they had to plant a few beans and help them grow. In a way, they are absolutely right and, regardless of your age, you can instantly participate in the innocent, child like joy of seeing plants and flowers grow under your care. And, contrary to what some less open minded people will say, in order to enjoy the wonderful aspects of gardening you dont have to be retired!

Speaking of age, gardening is a good opportunity to bring all the members of the family together. In todays high tech world, where the lack of time is becoming more predominant, a peaceful garden can be a safe heaven from the exaggerated dynamics of the outside environment. Sharing garden chores can be fun and it will make it possible for kids, teens, parents and grandparents to spend some quality time together.

There are other benefits of gardening. Many see it as the perfect opportunity to spend some time outside and, you must admit, this is one of those things that we do less and less. In some cases, you may even consider gardening to be a mild form of exercise, although you may not perceive it this way at first glance.

Gardening is enjoyable, especially if you get good results. This is why you should spend some time learning about different aspects related to your garden before you can expect to succeed in every action you take. Some plants have specific needs, some need a certain type of soil, and some will have you buy expensive maintenance equipment. You also need to learn when to perform certain actions such as pruning, seeding, thinning and reseeding in order to offer your plants the best conditions.

There are hundreds of types of flowers and vegetables that you can grow in your garden. Each of them comes with special needs, although some are very easy to grow. However, most gardeners will tell you that there are few things that can be compared to seeing your rose bush bloom or preparing a salad with your own, home grown vegetables. The satisfaction of noticing results in your garden is far greater than any effort you may invest in it.

You dont have to take gardening all the way and turn it into a form of art in order to spend hours and hours of peace while working or relaxing in your garden. With just a small patch of land and some patience you can create a small universe in weeks! However, before you create your garden, you should go through some of the basic elements that will ensure your success. As mentioned before, each plant is different and you need to take their special needs into account when selecting your garden population.

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