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Rose Gardening Challenges
Ken Austin

Rose gardening can be a challenging exercise but you don't have to be an expert to grow roses. Roses are grown successfully in gardens in nearly every different type of climate and environmental condition. Coming in a rainbow of colors and thousands of different modern-day varieties, roses offer a wonderful array of choices to followers of this beloved rose gardening pastime.

Rose gardening is special, though there are numerous recipes for cultivating the perfect rose garden, with even just a few of the basics such as sunshine, water and fertilizer, a rose garden can thrive in any climate. By adapting the following rose gardening tips to your specific needs, you can maintain a lush and lively rose garden.

Before you plant

Be sure your roses will be in an optimum location where they will receive at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, preferably morning sunshine.

Provide your roses with ample space to grow by digging a hole that is at least two-feet wide and two-feet deep. Add potting soil or organic compost for nutrients.

Keep roses moist by watering diligently for several weeks once you have planted them.

Help your rose garden to flourish

Monitor the pH levels in the soil as roses generally prosper at a pH of about 6.5.

Fertilize in the spring when roses begin to leaf out and continue regularly until just before the arrival of winter frosts.

Remove dead flower heads occasionally to instigate new bloom growth.

Prune your roses at least once per year. With new plants, prune after the first blooming period is over. For older plants, pruning after the winter will help to begin rejuvenation and new growth. In colder climates you may also want to prune just after the first frosts to prevent harsh winter damage.

And always remember, roses love lots of water and proper drainage.

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