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Green Thumb Gifts: Beyond Gardening Gloves
The Gift Wizard

Ahh, spring! It has sprung! Gardeners (and budding gardeners -
no pun intended) have begun the quest for a weedless lawn, or a
bountiful garden. But if you're looking for gifts for someone with
a green thumb (or someone with green thumb envy), consider the
situation first.

Some people think of gardening as a chore. Others see it as
relaxing. Some will see it as exercise, and still others consider
it art. Some people have the magic touch in the garden, while
others couldn't grow mold if they tried! This is important when
considering gardening gifts. You need to know if you should give
something to make gardening easier, more fulfilling, more
challenging, or more fun.

For those people who see it as a chore, gardening just adds more
items onto the never-ending to-do list. In this case, you need to
consider gardening gifts that will make these outdoor chores easier,
faster, and less of a hassle.

Power tools and storage & organization aids usually fall into this
category, along with the ever popular lawn tractor. A leaf
blower/vacuum can make clean-up a breeze (again - no pun intended).
The same can be said for a pressure washer. Heavy jobs are made
easier with a wheelbarrow or yard cart. And organizing a collection
of garden tools is simple with a storage bench or shed. Other ideas
include a convenient watering timer.

If your gift recipient enjoys gardening as a hobby, you'll want to
take a look at gardening gifts that can bring more fulfillment or
enjoyment to the outdoors. They would benefit from a magazine
subscription like "Garden Design", or a gardening book ("Front Yard
Gardens: Growing More Than Grass") to help cultivate their ideas.
Garden enthusiasts like to sit back and enjoy their hard work,
so patio furniture and accessories would also be a great gift.

And let's not forget the gardener wanna-be: those whom we love that
just can't seem to keep that plant alive - whose thumb isn't really
green at all! Start off with a how-to book like "Lawn Care For
Dummies" or "Taylor's Encyclopedia of Garden Plants", and complement
that with some basic gardening tools or accessories. These types of
gifts would also be great for first-time home buyers.

For the gardener who already "has it all", you might want to consider
something a little more unique, like an indoor grow light, solar
stepping stones, or a cascading fountain. And if you're just not
sure what to get, there's always a gift certificate or gift card.

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