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Canadian Gardening
Saurya Ghosal

People around the world tend to have a prejudice about the prospects of Canadian gardening or simply, the gardening in Canada. Its position in North America, to the north of United States and near the artic circle adds an air of chill to the whole subject. In fact, it is cold there in Canada and hence a common man cannot be out rightly blamed for his mental picture about the horticultural scene of Canada. But, in reality, the climate does not prevent one from pursuing Canadian gardening.

The widely populated areas of Canada such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and the Western Provinces, has an agreeable weather and hence is wholly suited both to horticultural pursuits and to the development of the highest type of civilization. Now, the basic knowledge one should have about Canadian gardening or generally, any type of gardening – that is, gardening design operations are determined by the summer season rather than winter. And mind you, Canada has a distinctive summer season, though short in duration than a typical Florida summer. In fact, the Canadian summer is highly adapted to grow fruits like apple, plum, pear and peach and kinds of forest and ornamental trees; all hardy shrubs, roses, and of course every popular genus of hardy perennials, such as peonies, irises and delphiniums.

Province wise, it is found that Canadian gardening is strong and flourished where English sections of the populations live. It is something they attribute to their mother country. With respect to the kinds of plants widely grown and the types of design followed, whether in cottage gardens, large private estates or public parks, there is hardly any difference one could find in the Canadian gardening in comparison with the US style of gardening.

The seasons of Canada can be broadly classified as early spring, late spring, early summer, late summer, autumn and winter. The plants typical for these climates also obviously vary. But, from the beautiful bulbs for springtime and shrubs, small trees and climbers for autumn delight to stunning evergreens for winter and year-round interest, the choices are plenty in Canadian gardening. In the hands of a creative gardener, the choices available are more than enough to realize a unique Canadian gardening experience.

In Canadian gardening, as a first step, gather a good idea about the conditions suitable for the plants you plan to grow. Generally the place should have enough sunlight and good drainage. The fertility factor is self assuming and hence not mentioning in detail. Go for native plants so that it has a good chance for longer survival. When it comes to fertilizers and pest killing, it is better to go for natural choices than chemical ones. The less you use chemical compounds, the better your garden and its vegetables will become. Flex your muscles to pull out the weeds (it will make a good physical exercise as well).

One can have a beautiful and eye-catching garden with a little amount of planning and creative acumen. With some application, any one can have a stunning Canadian garden at his backyard or patio. But Canadian gardening is not as simple as it appears. Canadian gardening requires constant care and nourishment, almost in a daily basis. Enjoy the journey of Canadian gardening and see how well it works out for you. It is all about learning to live alongside the nature and its greenery, whatever the climatic constraints may be.

About the Author: Saurya Ghosal for Read more about Treadmills Copyright 2005


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