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Matthew Leo

A Greenhouse can extend your growing season by months and allow you to sow seeds and harvest crops much earlier than you normally would. With proper planning, some crops can be harvested continuously. This can turn your gardening and cultivation into a year round activity. A wider variety of plants started from seed. The germination rate will be much higher as well. The amount of sunlight that a greenhouse allows and the ability to control temperatures will give you a healthier and more productive crop. By starting your crops from seed you can also be assured that your crops are as organic as can be, provided the seeds were not treated with fungicide (ask your nursery). A greenhouse can also make it possible for you to grow plants that you normally may not be able to grow at all due to climate. Many citrus and other fruit crops fall into this category.

Greenhouses come in all shapes, from the standard rectangular shape, to round or even conservatories connected to the house. There is no best size for a greenhouse. The size that fits your space best works fine. Even a small greenhouse can accomodate many plants. Some commercially made greenhouses are extendable with add on sections to add as needed.

The best available material for a greenhouse frame is aluminum. The maintentance is very low, it never deteriorates, and it allows the most light in due to it being thinner than wooden frames.

Make sure you allow for good ventilation. Allow room for at least one work bench. Keep in mind that you will also need storage space in the greenhouse for extra pots, hand tools, etc.

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Matthew Leo is the publisher of numerous websites, including Organic Gardening, Practical Wine and Cooking Recipes

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