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Teak Furniture - The Ideal Furniture for Lifelong Outdoors Use
Mike Spencer

The Natural Beauty of Teak

Teak wood is beautiful, durable in exposed conditions, so teak furniture is in wide use as outdoor furniture. In addition to its wide use as teak furniture for outdoor use, teak wood is also used for making boat decks and indoor flooring.

Old teak wood, being harder and more durable, is best for making teak furniture. If the teak furniture is made of heavy sections and with mortise and tenon construction using brass fittings and brass screws, it will last more than a lifetime and can become part of the family inheritance. Teak furniture made from new teak is somewhat more vulnerable to splitting and water damage.

Teak furniture, particularly if made in heavy solid designs, has an elegance that is hard to match. Teak furniture is maintenance free for all practical purposes because teak wood contains deophosphate of lime and oleaginous saps that make it immune to fungus and termite attack. Because adverse weather and climate have no effect on teak wood, teak furniture is particularly suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Look after it with love

If teak furniture is left exposed to the elements without any care, it weathers to a pleasing silver grey shade. Those who are fond of the natural warm brown tones of teak furniture and wish to preserve that shade should treat it periodically with Teak Oil. You should dust teak furniture frequently and clean it from time to time with a mild detergent.

You may use Tung oil for restoring gloss to dry parts of teak furniture. If teak furniture has a dry feel and looks pale, you may allow the Tung oil to set for three or four hours, or even overnight. Thereafter, use a clean soft cloth to remove the excess oil - and the natural gloss of teak furniture will be restored.

It's from the Tropics after all.

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree with the botanic name Tectona grandis and belongs to the Verbenaceae family. Teak is native to the monsoon forests of South-East Asia and of southern and eastern parts of South Asia. It is now widely planted in other tropical areas.

Much of the rare hardwood teaks are now tending to disappear, but teak is now grown in well-planned sustainable plantations. Unlike what is widely believed, teak does not grow in rainforests.

Popular for all types of furniture

Popular items of teak furniture include teak benches for the garden in various old and contemporary designs to seat two, three or four. Folding and reclining chairs, steamers and sun loungers are other popular items, as are fixed chairs of various designs viz. stacking chairs, side chairs, dining chairs and arm chairs.

Many kinds of tables including extending tables and folding tables are made of teak. Accessories often made of teak are Teak umbrellas, table centers and planters. Garden lighting made from teak wood is a popular teak furniture item.

The full range of Teak Lawn furniture, Teak Outdoor furniture and Teak Patio furniture made from Grade-A kiln-dried teak wood and provided with cast brass fittings that give the teak furniture a lifetime plus level of durability.

The dealers selling such teak wood furniture offer the complete range of services including import, distribution, sale and service of teak furniture. Items of teak furniture are usually shipped by road and come complete with all necessary drawings, instructions and fittings for easy assembly.

Teak Furniture - The Ideal Furniture for Lifelong Outdoors Use Mike has been involved with exterior landscaping for several years, having first got the bug when he landscaped his own back garden. Since then he's been helping people find and review the best value for money outdoor furniture, to meet your needs. Find out more at his site: Outdoor Garden Furniture Reviews

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