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John Murray

Shaw Carpet Industries is a large US based manufacturer providing broadloom carpeting, tiles, and area rugs to its down line of retailers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Shaw carpet is known for its quality carpets and floor coverings. They provide an innovative line of products that are designed to meet the needs of the busy family. They attempt to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and less stressful with their excellent customer service program and wide selection of flooring and carpets to choose from.

Shaw Carpets is head quarters is located in Dalton Georgia which has been fondly nicknamed the carpet capital of the world. Shaw also has 25 regional distribution centers across the US and maintains one of the biggest private trucking fleets in the US so they can move their own products reliably and cheaper. This means more choices for you and better prices. And if a carpet isn't in stock it means quicker arrival.

Now most of us have probably familiar with some of Shaw's product lines such as their Philadelphia line, their Queen line, or their Sutton carpet line to name just a few. All name brand quality products to give your home those finishing touches.

But Shaw carpet is recognized for something more than its carpets. It's recognized for its commitment to building environmentally friendly carpets and floor coverings. Back in 2003 Shaw, the world's largest carpet manufacturer, adopted a new environmental policy that no other carpet manufacturer has ever attempted to do.

Shaw committed the company's manufacturing process to follow nature's organic cycle of renewal. What this means is Shaw is committed to producing carpets that will continually brake down and can be reused again by recycling.

Shaw takes their environment seriously offering up this unprecedented environmental policy. One more reason to have a look at what Shaw carpets has to offer in carpeting and area rugs.

Shaw offers a full line of home carpeting and a wonderful line of area rugs totaling over 150 different lines. The Anthology line is made of traditional wool and is available in a 9 patterns and styles. The Accents line is a 100% Polypropylene or olefin and is 100% machine washable. It offers 36 different patterns and styles to choose from. They even have a Mary-Kate & Ashley Shag line hosting vibrant colors to choose from. Looking for something a little more traditional then be sure to check out the Folkworks or Estate by Philip Crowe line.

Of course Shaw has a full line of home carpets as well. The Philadelphia line is one of their most popular lines because of its durability, color choices, and pricing. Each of the Philadelphia carpets comes with a performance rating on a scale of 1 to 5 to indicate how long it can withstand the daily wear. A perfect 5 means even after heavy traffic and vigorous use it maintained the look of a new carpet. A rating of a 4 or higher is considered excellent and far above what the competition has to offer. They are a perfect choice for heavy traffic areas.

A rating of 2.5 to 4 is considered normal and are an excellent choice for any home providing years of life as long as they are properly cleaned and maintained. A rating below 2.5 is designed for low traffic areas such as a bedroom.

The Sutton carpet line is also a very popular choice offering unique styles and an innovative fiber system that enhances the perception of depth, and the interactive colors. The Sutton line is known for its stain resistance. Its excellent Scotchgard protection allows you to wipe up stains with plain water. This advanced scotchgard system also protects the entire carpet from daily soiling keeping it cleaner and fresher for much longer. The patented Softbac system holds the stretch much better and reduces carpet wrinkles. Making this line an excellent choice throughout the house.

We've touched on only a couple of Shaw carpet's most popular lines. Of course they have plenty of other lines to choose from. So if you are in the market for new carpeting be sure to have a look at what Shaw Carpet Industries has to offer.

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