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Gardening - Using Bulbs in Your Landscaping
Jill Dow

Naturalized bulbs look beautiful in a wooded setting. You can plant them and leave them to multiply. After the bulbs bloom the foliage will die down, but you can interplant bulbs with ground covers for a carefree and beautiful garden.

For a natural look you should arrange your bulbs informally. If you toss them and plant them where they land, with small adjustments for spacing, it'll look much better than if you arrange them.

Bulbs also work well in a perrenial garden. When your bulbs finish blooming your perrenials are just ready to get started and they're now filling in the spaces and hiding the soon to be dormant foliage of your bulbs. This is a great way to extend color in the garden for a good 6 weeks.

Summer bulbs can be used to fill in areas that need color when perrenials have finished. Keep in mind that most summer bulbs do need to be dug up and stored over the winter. The good part is that next season when you replant them you can totally redesign with them.

Whatever your garden style, make sure you add some bulbs. They'll provide you with years of enjoyment!

Favorite Picks

Early Spring

Crocus,Grape Hyacinth,Early Tuplips,Hyacinths,Snow Drops

Mid Spring

Daffodil,Crown Imperial,Iris,Tulips



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Jill has been an avid gardener for the last 15 years. She faces the challenges of New Mexico's high desert at 6800 feet. Resource websites are and

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