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The Shade Garden
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Shade Gardening
Shade Gardening - Dave Barnett Greetings! I am David Barnett, Horticulturist, Treasurer of the Arlington Organic Garden Club and home gardener. The club begged and beseeched ...

Shade Gardening, Garden Plants for the Shade
Shade Gardening Articles The Shaded Garden Shade Gardening Facts Gardening ...

Shade Gardening - Shade gardens
Shade gardens are a delightful asset to your landscape. Gardening Tips & Advice Wondering when to start your pruning? Dandelions: Friend or foe? Tips for the best tomatoes ever! Thinking about a ...

Shade Gardening Articles
Articles at Suite101 relating to Shade plants & gardening, plant photos, nurseries, garden design, etc. - dewey decimal 635.9543 Home Sections Visual & Performing Arts Reading & Writing Film, TV, & Pop ...

Shade Trees for Florida
Florida Gardener, Your Source for Gardening in the Sunshine State! Garden Store ... Shade Trees Considered Invasive in Florida Please Avoid Planting or Cultivating the Trees ...

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Gardening in the Shade
Gardening, flower and plant information for creating

A to Z's of Home Gardening: Shade Garden Habitat
Shade gardening focuses upon selecting shade loving plants that require little sunlight to brighten up dark

Slugs and Salal: Pacific Northwest Gardening - Shade-loving plants
Shade-loving Plants. Perennial plants for shade. Gardening around large trees. [Helleborus niger] Helleborus niger. Perennial plants for <

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gardening shade

Central San Joaquin Valley gardeners often seem to be a little wary about designing and planting shade gardens. Maybe they’re thinking that the weather’s too hot for too long for shade plants to survive. That’s an incorrect assumption. Many shade ...

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Here are tips for taking advantage of those less-than-sunny garden spots

Question: I have lots of shade in my landscape that came with the house we recently purchased. I love all the trees and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but I want to add some color and texture to our “tree-scape.” While my new neighbor, who happens ...

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THE GARDEN SPOT: Made in the shade – opportunities and challenges

What plants work? What plants struggle? Now look at those problem areas in your landscape. Is it the bare dirt area underneath the big shade tree, where grass used to grow? Maybe it's a section of a flower bed that sits in full sun that always seems wilted ...

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Want to start a garden this fall? Try these planning tips

Drought can’t always stop it. Shade won’t faze it. And when mule deer and elk start grazing on it early in the season, it comes back bigger and stronger, with more defenses and a posse of new plants. Biologists call outlaw plants like this the ...

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Meet the Overcompensators, Plants That Get Tougher and Meaner When Attacked

Your shade cloth should cover the whole hoop house lengthwise but ... as you have control over the amount of water your high-tunnel plants receive, unlike Mother Nature’s watering schedule. “You can help to improve the organic matter in your soil ...

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Ag Bites: Make The Most Of Your Garden Hoop House, Year-Round

The most common one sold in garden centers across the state is Asclepias tuberosa or the butterfly weed. It will grow in light shade but blooms best in full sun. The swamp milkweed (A. incarnata), the whorled milkweed (A. verticillata) and the Sullivant's ...

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If it’s a shady balcony (north or east-facing, or overshadowed by nearby buildings), choose shade-tolerant plants such as ivy, ferns (Polystichum setiferum, Polystichum munitum, Dryopteris erythrosora, Dryopteris ‘Cristata The King’), skimmia ...

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How to get your balcony blooming: Gardening advice for city dwellers

They shade paved areas and buildings and block cold winds ... You will not see your baby oak turn into one of those incredible kings of the garden that we all covet. But it will become a presence in your landscape almost before you realize it.

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Gardening: Autumn's a great time to add trees to your landscape

The plants are frost and drought-hardy. For best results and the most flowers, plant Dietes grandiflora in full sun or light shade in well-composted, well-drained soil and water well in summer. The large wild iris is easy to propagate from seed sown in ...

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Gardening: wait for the rain flower and enjoy the purple rain

Hardenbergia violacea is a popular choice for shade. With its leathery dark green oblong leaves ... Best known for covering Ivy League brick campus buildings, it’s just as home in Bay Area gardens. The large leaves can be variable in shape but commonly ...

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