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Gardening Gifts for Green Thumbs
Cat Tobin

In need of a good gift for a friend or relative? A great solution is visiting the local hardware store. For that someone with a big green thumb, the hardware store is an endless source of options. So what are the best gardening gifts?

The best gardening gifts are directly parallel to the needs of the gardener. The best gift for one gardener may not be the best for another, so a little knowledge about your friend or relative's garden needs will be a definite help. Also be sure to know your budget. The most expensive garden gifts may not be the best ones, so if you are on a tight budget there are always garden accessories and clothing wear.

Gardening gloves, footwear and kneepads, may be bought in a variety of colors, texture, and material. Once again, consult the needs of the gardener in mind. Simply do your homework. The Internet is the perfect source for learning more about gardening or what tools do what. With that knowledge, finding the perfect gardening gift will be easy.

Pruning shears, hoes and a watering can will never lose their magic touch. Surely, with these hand tools, your friend or relative will appreciate how much you know he or she really is into gardening. And if you are on a smaller budget or you are just looking for a small gift, there are other gifts than tools. There is always the option to go with plants or seeds themselves. Plants or flowers or fruits or vegetables - going this route will prove to be a long lasting delight for your friend or relative. So if you doubt your friend or relative's need of additional tools, simply purchase plants or seeds. If you are sure the best gift is a tool, digging tools like rakes, shovels, pitchforks and spades are some of the basic tools used by professional gardeners as well as beginners. Automatic lawn mowers, electric cultivators, dirt diggers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, or trolleys could provide so much ease to your gardener friend's daily routine. These are some of the most extravagant items and often these gardening machineries could serve well as wedding presents or house-warming gifts for the gardening enthusiast. Your gift could be as simple as water resistant garden gloves or a more expensive gift like an electric cultivator. When the recipient realizes you have given a gift that complements his or her passion, expensive or not, it would certainly become the best gardening gifts your friend or relative has ever received.
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raised bed gardening

An inquisitive group of pre-kindergarten students will be growing strawberries, lettuce, broccoli and other produce in their garden at Sheridan Elementary School this spring. The children will grow their garden with the help of a raised bed garden kit and ...

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Sheridan Pre-K class wins raised bed garden kit, supplies in Super-Sod contest

Time is the arbiter of what works in a garden and what doesn't. It's why anything new requires at least a decade to discover its weaknesses. The great raised bed failure is right around the corner as the older wood products and shoddy construction destroy ...

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Five steps to rehab your raised beds

In the throes of spring passion, we use anything we can to get a garden in the ground. Now you realize how temporary raised beds are rotting when Mother Nature has her way. Thus salvage lumber used for greater sustainability can lead to earth-to wood ...

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Yardsmart: 5 steps to rehab your raised beds

That means it must be time to think about tomatoes! On the latest You Bet Your Garden, Mike McGrath reviews the rules of raised beds and takes bets on perlite versus vermiculite. Plus, your fabulous phone calls! I’m in the process of resizing a majority ...

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The Rules of Raised Beds

The house has gorgeous flooring, cozy fireplaces and dramatic ceilings. You will want to see the loft bed and clever use of space in this house. The fenced yard boasts a spa, a raised flower/vegetable garden beds and a chicken coop!

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Charming Soquel Farm House Close To Popular Beach

Raised beds are trending when it comes to backyard gardening. This is the focus of a joint effort with the Luna County Cooperative Extension Service and Luna County Healthy Kids Healthy Communities. (Photo: Kara Naber - Headlight Photo)Buy Photo DEMING ...

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Luna County brings gardening into focus

The Lifehouse garden will eventually be a combination of 60 4x8-foot raised beds and 21 10x20-foot plots. The church also plans to implement a rain barrel system that can provide running water to onsite spigots. To kick-start the project, Lifehouse ...

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Lifehouse kick-starting community garden

"We're trying to create a community garden which is going to consist of about 12 to 24 raised beds and it's really going to transform that corner from just that empty lot to, hopefully, a place where there's food being grown, people gathering,” says ...

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Journey Church changing a vacant lot into a beautiful garden

Spring is coming and registration has begun for garden plots at Pitney Meadows Community Gardens, West Avenue, Saratoga Springs. Gardeners are invited to apply for beds in three different sizes: 4×8 raised beds, some designed for those with limited ...

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Garden plots at Pitney Farm are available

... sport raised garden beds, in-ground vegetable beds, berry bushes, a small orchard and flower patches. Long term, organizers hope to add a pavilion that can be reserved by the community and used for on-site educational classes. Details: 417-624-5769.

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