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Just after Ietef Vita moved into a ranch home on Denver's southwestern edge halfway through last year's growing season, he replaced a narrow strip of lawn with a few rows of radishes and corn. Vita, who also goes by the name DJ Cavem Moetavation, and his ...

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This Rapper Promotes Organic Gardening And Healthy Eating Through Hip Hop

This post was written with you in mind. I know exactly what that garden overwhelm feels like. I used to think that gardening was too much work, especially back in 2006 and 2008 when the first and second of my 6 kids developed severe food allergies.

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How do you start a garden without really trying? Plant Your Pantry!

Participants commit to volunteer 35 hours to be a certified Purdue Master Gardener sharing their knowledge while providing leadership and service in educational gardening activities within their communities. Training will be held Mondays from 6 -9:15 ...

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12+ home and garden events Feb. 25 and beyond

We were inspired to establish more natural gardening areas, without soil preparation, after viewing this Back to Eden documentary. These are lessons they don’t teach in school… and possibly not even in master gardener classes. The results? A bountiful ...

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Permaculture Gardening with Woodchip Mulch and Natural Methods

Rain, rain, and more rain! With the many years of drought experienced in California, how grateful we are for the lucky tears falling from the sky. However, as much as we prayed for rain, the nonstop abundance has been more than our parched soils can ...

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Gardening Guide for March

The 13th annual Seed Swap, held Saturday for the second year in a row at Scott High School, is a call for a gardening revolution, said Yvonne Dubielak, outreach and education director with Toledo Botanical Garden. MORE INFORMATION: or 419 ...

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Annual seed swap summons spring

They're tiny, cute and downright happy. But that doesn't mean we don't want to up our gardening game in honor of our favorite plants. These ideas are pretty, creative and some are just pure genius.

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12 New (and Creative) Ways to Show Off Your Succulents

When "The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener" airs on WNOV – 860 AM next month it will be the first gardening-themed radio show to hit Milwaukee's airwaves in 12 years. The last gardening show was "Plant Doctor Radio Show" produced by Melinda Myers. Husband ...

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First gardening radio show since 2005 hits WNOV next month

Whatever the groundhog may have to say, we know spring isn’t far away. This month we’re turning our thoughts to freshly tilled earth, new buds, and warmer days ahead. Here are a few inspiring reads that are sure to get you in the gardening state of ...

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Thinking Spring: Gardening Reads to Grow On

Bring color and texture to your garden year after year. Experts will share their list of best garden performers, plus provide tips and selection and care. ·Planting Seeds Indoors 1 p.m. March 11 Get a head start on gardening and grow your own transplants.

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